• |      May 22 2020

My Vision

For 20 years I have been seeing a vision become reality in my mind's eye. I create with my Golf comic character TIMBER TEE™ and his magical friends a 'fantastic Golf world' for children - Timber Tee's World™. 2020 is the time. My vision becomes reality.

My role model, Walter Elias, better known as 'Walt' Disney, had laid the foundation for the economic success of his animation studio to the largest company in the world with the invention of his 'Mickey Mouse' in 1928. Thereby, he 'only' tells stories in moving pictures.

In my fantasy novels TIMBER TEE™ and his magical friends tell the story of Golf in a fairy tale way, which has its origin in the medieval St. Andrews in Scotland in the 16th century. But they can do more than just tell stories. They are beings with magical abilities; they can do magic. They love enchanting children. Children love magic and they love fairy tales, because both stimulate their imagination. Fantasy stimulates the mental development of our children.


Science has proven that young children absorb information purely visually. We take advantage of that with TIMBER TEE. He and his magical friends show children each of the 24 rules of Golf as a short cartoon in school sports lessons. These cartoons explain themselves. And in their TIMBER TEE™ textbook, children can read up on each Golf rule and solve tasks.

But TIMBER TEE™ and his magical friends can do much more. They train children of primary school age as Golf caddies. How does that work? Let us surprise you.