Timber Tee's World™

  • |      August 2018

A Preview

Due to the ageing golf population, especially in the USA and other saturated Western golf markets, but also in the rapidly growing Asian golf markets, the global Golf sport needs a fundamental change and open-up as ‘family sport’. The 18 preferred Western and Eastern golf markets account for 88% market share. What is really needed is a sufficient number of new golf facilities and academies per country, designed and developed specifically for the very young athletes. The key word to promote the offspring in golf is 'youth development'.

This requires training grounds and sports facilities designed for children and young people. TIMBER TEE’s WORLD™ is a competence centre, conceptualized as a high-tech golf training facility with all-seasons indoor golf training areas, various - from 3-hole to 18-hole - outdoor golf courses built in shorter dimensions, with imaginatively styled short-play Golf academy areas and a hostel complex with full board catering. TIMBER TEE’s WORLD™ will also include an intensive training centre, where national golf federations can implement and align national golf incentive programs - equal to those in all football nations, which are operated by national football federations.

The entire golf practice area is developed and will be build up smaller in its dimensions than adult golf courses, to minimize physical damage in the children‘s and adolescent's locomotor system of muscles, joints and bones. This means, that TIMBER TEE’s WORLD™ is exclusively designed and tailored to the very young athletes and adolescents body measurements, to provide them the best possible, state-of-the-art training and education conditions.

TIMBER TEE’s WORLD™ implies also that we provide tailor-made TIMBER TEE™ Golf Equipment to the very young athletes and adolescents. The R&D we've made in the last 17 years take into account the latest Sport medical, biomechanical, physiological and ergonomic cognitions:

  • In relation to the size of the child, the weight of the club head is adapted to the length of the shaft;
  • The movement of the golf club shaft, so named the fexibilität of the shaft, harmonizes with the club head weight;
  • The grip strength is in correct relation to the length of the shaft and the body height of the child;
  • Only extremely robust, but ultra light materials as graphite, carbon, fiberglass and lightweight steel will be used in the production of the TIMBER TEE ™ Golf Equipment;

The tendering Process

Environmentally friendly / ecological building project

In the international tender for TIMBER TEE's WORLD™, which we can dispatch in the 3rd quarter of 2021 at the earliest due to the ongoing corona pandemic restrictions, we attach particular importance to the holistic planning of the sports facility by the landscape architects' offices involved in the tender. The consistent implementation of the holistic planning of the life cycle of this unique golf facility, which we demand in, will be a decisive factor in the selection of the winning architect's office for this tender.

As part of the holistic planning of TIMBER TEE's WORLD™, the individual planning components are linked to each other with regard to their mutual interaction and supplemented from this. In this way we develop an objectifying and quantifying evaluation method, which allows the comparison of variants of buildings, sports facilities and green areas. The different groups of people directly or indirectly involved in the building project (INNVENTT HOLDING, architect team, specialist engineer, landscaping company, subcontractors, user and the media) should also be involved in the planning process as early as possible and should communicate their requirements and needs for the building to the general public.

  • The choice of location for TIMBER TEE's WORLD™ must meet the highest ecological standards with regard to infrastructure, traffic development and landscape protection. We use various instruments to assess the environmental compatibility of building products: ecological risk analysis, material flow analysis and life cycle assessment.
  • We will only accept and use ecological building and insulation materials that can be obtained in an environmentally friendly way and, if necessary, disposed of without problems. Ideally, they are all biodegradable.
  • In order to keep transport and energy costs low, the necessary building and insulation materials are procured in the immediate vicinity of the building site.
  • The energy consumption is kept as low as possible during the service life of the sports facility and the buildings according to the current state of the art.
  • The sports areas (golf courses) are not sealed and the buildings are greened.
  • The drainage technology is sustainable, i.e. drinking and service water circuits are installed and used separately.
  • Plant-based purification systems will be used on the sports ground.

Our most valuable Licensing and Franchising object

TIMBER TEE's WORLD™, the future Competence and Performance Centre for age- and performance-oriented Youth Development in Golf

Once the INNVENTT HOLDING has completed the construction of the TIMBER TEE's WORLD™ prototype in the UK, this core service license can be acquired by investor groups. TTW's™ franchise guarantees investors an unrivalled and maximum return on their investment. In China and India alone, the conservatively calculated demand potential for such a venue over the next ten years is at least 25 units per country in the different provinces due to the child population of almost 600 million children in these two countries.

TIMBER TEE's WORLD™ is our forward-looking and proactive way to multiply the training opportunities of very young golfers and our highly qualified young golf caddies to talented and supported young golf professionals, and to manage and accelerate their sporting development in a targeted manner.

It is our vision at INNVENTT, that in less than a decade a multitude of new, young, highly qualified and well-trained TIMBER TEE™ Golf Caddies and junior Golf Professionals from the day after tomorrow will make their way with the help of TIMBER TEE's WORLD™ sport facilities and performance centres, as you can already see today with simple means and a lot of commitment on the example of China's primary schools.

China is on a very good path here and all other nations should do the same.